co Contralo nv.

Vosseschijnstraat 59
2030 Antwerp - Belgium
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co Contralo
Asia Pte Ltd

72 A, Peck Seah street
Singapore 079329
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Member of the
Manuport logistics group


Flexitanks are suited to contain any liquid, provided it is non-hazardous:

Food Products
Animal Oils Beer Syrup Concentrate Coconut Oil Latex Corn Oil
Dark Soy Sauce Egg – liquid Paint Emulsifier Flat Beer
Fruit Juices Glucose Jam Olive Oil Palm Oils / Fats
Rice Bran Oil Sauces Soya Bean Oil Sugar Syrup
Water Wine Acid Fish Oil / Sauce Peanut Oil
Vegetable Oils Etc…      


Industrial & Chemical Products
Ammonium Thiosulphite Adhesive / White Glue Base Oils Bio Diesel / Methyl Ester
Emulsions Glycerine (crude/refined) Glycol Fatty Acids / Alcohols
Lanolin Silicate Binder Surfactants Synthetic
Water based White Oils Lube Oils Mineral Oils
Monograde Mineral Lubricant Natural Latex Optical Brightener Pharmaceutical ingredients
Detergents Hair Shampoos Transformer Oil Multigrade Motorcycle Lubricants
Castor Oil Furnace Oil Tall Oil Fatty Multigrade Mineral Lubricant
Plasticizers (limited) Polyol Etc…